Many times during his career, Yannick Mettler has proved his potential to become a professional race driver. With abandon, calmness and concentration the ambitious young driver always adapted well to new challenges. Even if he finds himself still in a process of learning, Yannick Mettler could convince renowned people like Allan McNish, ex Formula 1 driver and winner of the 24h of Le Mans (Jim Russell Future Driver Contest 2009).
Also in difficult times Yannick showed his determination and proved that he won’t knock himself off course. Becoming a professional race driver is his ultimate goal.

Talent only won’t help to reach this goal. Being successful in car racing is also a matter of sponsorship. Factors such as the selection of the right team, testing days, spare parts, hotel and travel costs require a solid annual budget. The key to success therefore is to link a promising driver with enthusiastic sponsors and patrons.

On the level of Formula 3, a sponsoring is more than just a chance for a young sportsman. It is also a chance for a company to make good advertisement. Compared to conventional publicity, the terms are much more attractive. The spread of advertising is surprisingly high and particularly lasting (photos and videos on internet, autograph cards, etc.)
In addition, publicity gets conveyed in connection with action and therefore with emotions, which makes it last longer in people’s memories.
With a sponsorship, you might also relate your company with attributes like swiftness, precision, passion, dynamic, team spirit or similar. For this purpose, Yannick Mettler and all the media materials are at your disposal.

Advertising presence occurs:

- live at races (about 195.000 visitors per year*)
- via Livestream (Internet), TV (Sport 1, Kabel 1) and Youtube
- via Internet (direct publicity on (57.000 visitors/year*) plus numerous other Websites, such as with more than 2.400.000 visitors/year*)
- in magazines (national and international)
- in any media release by request

- on highways in Europe (transport vehicles)
- at events and exhibitions (company events or similar)
- on autograph cards, wall-calendars and the like

* statistics of 2011

This is an extract of a detailed dossier that includes all exact numbers, statistics and benefits for sponsors. Willingly we can send you such a dossier (non-binding) or get in touch for a meeting. Just follow this link to contact us. The YM Racing company is looking forward to your request.


The following companies have already decided to support Yannick Mettler. On demand, you can also ask them for references.



- Transterra Immobilien AG

- Helvetia Insurance
   Niklaus Fanger, Kriens

- Circelli AG

- Taxi 2000

- Koch Radsport, Erich Müller

- Schätzle AG

- GmbH

- Foto Luternauer AG



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