Formel Renault Test-Days in Hockenheim

After my first test with the Formula Renault in Barcelona (where I was really sick unfortunately), I could drive the car for another two days in Hockenheim. I was absolutely fascinated about the car and it was a big pleasure to drive it to the limit! Also the grip of the new tyres was just awesome! Regarding the track conditions, the laptimes seemed to be quite good, like described in the article of italiaracing.net (see below).  

http://italiaracing.net/translatenews.asp?id=29560&cat=12&lang=en  (english version)


Daltec Racing Team Champion 2010!

Beside the drivers, the teams of the Formula BMW Lista Series were honoured for their performances at the official pricegiving. At this point I would like to say thank you to the whole team, especially to the head of the team Daniel von Grünigen, who made an excellent job this season!


Vice-Champion of the Formula Lista Junior 2010 

It was a difficult weekend in Monza, but I could grab another win in the last race of the season! With the unfortunate 4th position in the first race, I finally finished the Championship in 2nd position overall. Actually I also finished as best Newcomer, so I think it was a really good season for me, even if I am disappointed about the missed title. 


Formula BMW Lista Championship, Race 9 and 10, Magny-Cours (France)

August 5-8 2010

After one month of pause, Round 9 and 10 took place at the French Circuit of Magny-Cours. Unfortunately, there was no possibility for our team to test during the summer break, so we had a bit of a disadvantage in this regard.

Anyway, I felt comfortable during the free practice sessions and I was catching up to the fastest times tenth by tenth, working on the car and on every bit of my driving style. Due to heavy traffic, it was difficult to estimate the real standings though. On Friday circumstances were better and it turned out that most of the drivers were quite close together. The fastest session times were alternately set by me and the other driver competing for the championship title, so there was no clear tendency for the race.


In the Qualifying on Saturday morning, I fought hard for the Pole Position, but I was finally beaten by two hundredths. In fact all the drivers were really close together, so it was obvious that the race would be really hard.

The first race started in the heat of the early afternoon. The start was difficult, because there was a lot of grip on the track, but I had a good start and prepared to attack the Pole Setter in the tight third corner after the long straight. He did not allow me to pass him, while the driver behind me took advantage of the situation and set me under pressure for the next couple of laps. Meanwhile the leading driver already gained some meters, which made it hard to catch him, because we both had about the same speed. But after the first half of the race, two drivers crashed and one of them had a hard impact, so that the Safety-Car was sent out. I knew the restart would be my chance, and after a few laps behind the Safety-Car, I had a better acceleration when the green flag was shown again. The first corner is not really ideal to pass, so I attacked in the hairpin. Even that I tried to pass several times in the following laps, it was not possible to take the lead with a proper maneuver. So I decided not to risk anything and to save the points for the second position.

For the second Qualifying on Sunday, everybody knew it would become really close. And it was. In the end I took the Pole Position by only one thousandth! That was amazing. However, for the race we knew that I have to find some speed in the first few laps, which put me a bit under pressure, because I felt that I was already on the limit.

Before the second race I did two Information-Laps, to make sure that the tyres have the right temperature. I had a very good start and led the field into the second corner, already some meters in advance. Trying to get that little extra speed, I came too wide in the exit of corner two, which leads to the long straight. In fact I did not lose that much speed, but I lost many positions because I could not filter back in down the straight. I was nameless angry about that mistake! This victory would have been really important.

I made up for many of the lost positions, but I got stuck behind one of my teammates when I was in fourth position. I did not really agree with some of his maneuvers, because I was clearly faster and it should not just be my job to avoid accidents. However, I won’t make a big deal out of it, because it has already been discussed. I finally finished 4th in the second race. Of course I was not happy about that position, because I expected me to win. Though, to be objective, I also believe that my main enemy had a bit of an advantage from his former testing, which made it extra difficult to beat him and which, after my opinion, finally led to a mistake by trying something that I am not used to.


However, there is no point to feel defeated; everything is still open, the winner of the championship will be certain in the very last race! And as we all know, many things can happen during a race…


Podium Race 2

Formula BMW Lista Championship, Race 7 and 8, Hockenheim (GER) 

June 18-20 2010 

With the goal to enlarge the lead in the championship and to win my next race, I travelled to Hockenheim at Thursday. The weather was unsettled and the forecast predicted that it would stay like this. The whole race weekend took place in dry weather conditions, though. 

In the first two practice sessions on Friday we did not find the right Setup, so I had to struggle with some understeer. However, the lap times were already quite fast. For the third session we found back to our well-proven Setup and I did the fastest time right away. Even that the tyres were fairly used I decided to go out one more time after a short pitstop, and I went even faster. That felt really good. Unfortunately not very long, because this session was also stamped with an accident just before the end of the session. It was the first time I went off in a practice session, but it happened that I hit the wall right away. The car could not be repaired until the last session, so I had to leave it out.  

The mechanics all did a very good job and the car felt exactly the same the next day in Qualifying. The data- and onboard video analysis did not help me to figure out why I went off, so I just forgot about it and pushed like before. The result was the Pole Position, which was an easement for all team members. For me this Pole was also an achievement because I took in hand to work on my performance in Qualifying. 

Pole Prestart

The start for the first race went well and I could hold my position. Towards the second corner, the driver behind me used his better speed and tried to pass me. Being fixed to the lead, we both wanted too much in that internal braking duel and as a result we took a longer way beside the ideal line. I decided not to use the asphalt safety area while he just cut the track – which was better in the end, because he won the race and was not punished. My chances to win only lasted until the next corner, where one of my teammates crashed into me while I was already at the apex of the corner. My car was damaged, but at least I could drive on. Towards the middle of the race distance I was in the 6th position again, but then I had a tyre damage, resulting from the collision in the first lap I guess. When I went back out of the pits, I did the fastet lap by more than one second! That meant two points, at least, but I was really upset because with that speed I should have won the race. On one hand I was clearly too stubborn in the first lap, but on the other hand I also had some bad luck.

Crash Race 1

For the second race day I knew I had to get all the possible points. I felt the pressure, but I tried to focus like always. After a difficult second Qualifying with little grip and many yellow flag phases I landed Pole again. Even that the fastest laps of all the drivers were cancelled in the end, I still started from Pole Position, which made me feel positive for the second race. The changes in the grid made my main rival start right next to me. I would not say that this was the reason for the bad start I had. I think that I tend to overthink the whole starting thing sometimes, like it happened in Malaysia and also in Most. After this weekend I recognized that I have to practice starting more by feeling and less by a system.

However, I found myself in third position after the first corner, this time staying calmer and trying to accept the situation. I knew I could still win the race, because I had a good speed all the weekend. But damn! After we changed the front brake discs and pads for the second race, I did not get a good response from the braking pedal anymore. It was hard to find the right pressure, especially in the fast corners and at the releasing phases. I did not understand why it was that much different, but I also did not have time to think about it, so I concentrated on making the best out of it. I recognized that I was still a bit faster though, but I could not pass because the two drivers in front of me were already fighting each other. After the situation calmed down a little, I started to attack the driver in front of me. I could not pass him in the normal way, because I was not that much faster and he blocked cleverly. While we were fighting for the second position, my main rival already pulled away a little. I finally passed the driver in front of me with a spectacular braking manoeuvre into corner 3. Unfortunately it was too late then to catch the leader, so I had to settle with the second position. Even that it was still a good result regarding the race conditions I was disappointed. I really wanted to make a victory out of my Pole Position after what happened the day before.

Race 2 Handshake

After my unfortunate first race and in total I am 6 points behind now. However, there are still 4 races where everything is possible! My direct rivals are all more experienced, so I don’t think I have to get crazy about the starting thing. I will just trust my feelings for the car and not fix too much on it. 

I am looking forward to the next race, which will take place at my favourite track in Magny-Cours, France. And of course I am determined to get the lead back…



The race event of Hockenheim in July has been rescheduled to June 18-20. Race 7 and 8 will therefore take place together with the "Hockenheim Goldpokal" event, where we can expect a lot of visitors again.


Formula BMW Lista Championship, Race 5 and 6, Most (Czech Republic) 

May 21-23 2010  

After my gueststart in the Formula BMW Pacific Series in Sepang (Malaysia), I flew directly to the Czech Republic for the next race of the Formula Lista Championship. The first practice session started on Thursday, so I had two days to get new energy and to get rid of the Jet Lag. During the first session the track was still wet due to the rainy weather of the previous days. I was fastest in the half-wet conditions in the morning, which was not a big surprise for me, because I like these conditions ever since. I also liked the character of the track with its highspeed corners. In the afternoon I drove only on used tyres, regardless I was just a few tenths off the fastest laptime, which was driven on new tyres.  

Also on Friday things looked good, except that the new tyres created more understeer than the used ones. So we started to work on the Setup. We tried different things, but nothing seemed to work perfectly. It was a bit better though at the end of the day, and I could do the fastest laptime of the day in the last session. 

For the Qualifying on Saturday we decided to make another Setup change, but we still could not get rid of the understeer. One of my teammates was faster during the Qualifying and I missed the Pole Position by 1.5 tenths. Starting in the first row is good, but I would have wanted the two points which you get for the Pole.  

At the start of the first race, the red lights switched off right after they illuminated and I was not quite ready, so I did not really have a good start. I was lucky losing only one position towards the first corner, but less lucky when the driver in front of me decided to break earlier than everybody else. I could not really brake a long time, then I just saw the sky for a few seconds and while “landing” I recognized that my front wing was flying away. I was hopping mad, but at the same time I hoped that I could finish the race and at least fight for some points. Though, driving without a front wing turned out to be a lot different than driving with a broken wing (like in Hockenheim). I lost about four seconds per lap, because the missing downforce affected the behaviour of the car on braking and on highspeed cornering. However, some drivers droped out during the race and I collected two points for finishing in ninth position. Even though my main concurrent in the championship finished only in fourth position, he temporary took the lead in the standings. I was disappointed, because I figured on winning the race. Anyhow, there was still another day. In German we say: New race, new luck! 

We did not have any useful references from the first race, so we decided not to change anything on the Setup. The car felt quite good during the Qualifying, I just had some understeer in the left corners due to the used tyre (we get two new tyres on one side only for the second race day). Not surprising, the other drivers optimized their Setup with the references of the first race and they also improved. Again I ended up in second position for the grid of the second race. And again it was close. But this time I just concentrated on having a better start and being more careful in the first corner.  

At the start of the second race I was able to hold my position and I was close to the leading driver coming out of the first corner. I was really determined to win my next race and I tried to put the leader under pressure. Unfortunately, the Setup change we made after the Qualifying seemed to work somewhat in the wrong direction. Due to the understeer I had to go off the throttle a few times during the first laps and I lost two positions. I recognized that it would be difficult to win this race, but I tried to stay calm and adapt to the car as much as possible. With some driving tricks I could reduce the understeer a little, but of course it was still not ideal. Towards the middle of the race, things seemed to turn. The leader made a mistake and spon, while the two other guys in front of me started to fight, so that I came closer again. One of them started to lose water from the engine, and as he must have recognized his higher engine temperature, he also started to make mistakes. I tricked him down the straight when he tried to block me, and so I was in second position again. Now that a few more laps were left, I concentrated on catching up to the leader. He seemed to become a little slower towards the end while I could hold the speed, but even that I did the fastest lap in the end I was not able to pass him, because I always lost some meters on the fast corners before the straights. There was not really a possibility to pass him, so I had to be content with the second position and the fact, that I made most out of the situation. 

This time the luck seemed to be more on my side, as my main concurrent had to start from the pits due to a problem with his clutch. He finally finished fifth, which means that I am leading the championship again, thanks to the second position and the fastest lap.However, there is one thing I do not understand: why should someone be allowed to drive faster than 60 km/h (speedlimit) only because of a broken clutch? At the briefing they spoke about time penalties... It is not the first time a breach of rule has not been noticed. But I do not care too much about such things, as I want to win on the racetrack and not by searching mistakes of others.  

The next two races will be in Hockenheim again, together with the “Goldpokal Hockenheim”. I hope that I will be able to climb to the top of the podium then. Not just because a victory is always something special, but also because it is the best was to say thank you to the team.  


Guest start Formula BMW Pacific, Round 2, Sepang (Malaysia) 

May 13-16 2010 

I had not spent that many days at home when I was offered to take part in the second round of the Formula BMW Pacific Series in Malaysia. It was all really short-run, but I decided to take the opportunity and the next day I already sat in the plane to Kuala Lumpur. It felt strange somehow, having decided to fly across the world within one day, but at the same time I was very excited.

The reason why I was offered to drive in Malaysia was that one of our engineers from Daltec Racing had a free seat in his own team in Asia (Atlantic Racing Team). Together with the Team sponsor Branson, they were able to make a good offer for the four races of the second round in Sepang. 

I knew that the level in the official BMW Series is higher than in the Lista Series, but I did not really know to what I agreed until I came out of the airport. What a heat! More than 30 degree and around 95% humidity, already in the morning. I recognized that this would become a hard weekend. 

Without much sleep and 14 hours of traveling behind me the trip went on directly to the racetrack. Before the afternoon we made the seat pour and prepared everything for the practice. I enjoyed the atmosphere when I went out for the first session, even though I was sweating like crazy. It was all so different to what I experienced before. Driving along the palm trees with more than 200 km/h was definitely nice, but I had to leave out the last practice session, because I was too tired and I was not used to the climate yet. 

On Thursday I adapted already a little to the conditions and I felt better. I tested the whole day and improved in every session. Because the test days before the races were official BMW test days, I was only allowed to mount on new set of tires (which we saved for Friday). For whatever reason, guest starters have to use old tires of their teammates for the rest of the sessions. But anyway I learned a lot on that day and I came closer to the lap times of my teammate every time I went out. My teammate by the way was one of the BMW Juniors of the Pacific Championship. 

On Friday all the teams were finally testing. Especially the drivers of the domestic teams showed that they were well prepared and set some really fast lap times. Also the drivers of the European Championship were already quite fast, while we were trying to find the missing speed by analyzing the recorded data. When we mounted our new set of tires in the afternoon, it was difficult for me to use the potential of them as the conditions changed a lot compared to the forenoon. We did not find that much time as we expected, so the best intermediate result was a thirteenth position. 

The Qualifying started on Saturday morning. I hoped that we would be able to put the things together to have a good starting position for the first two races (the second fastest lap defined the starting position for the second race). But contrary to my expectations I ended up in the 20th position, which was disappointing. We decided to use only one new set of tires and safe the other one for the second race day, while most of the other drivers used both sets for Qualifying. I also needed too many laps to find my rhythm and it felt slippery on the track even with the new tires.  For the second race I could start from the 18th position while my teammate started two times from 17th position.


After a short lunch break it was time for the first race! The start ran well and I could win some positions in the first laps. I was told that a lot of things happen in this series during the first few laps, so I paid attention not to get involved into fights and took advantage of the crashes and the mistakes of the other drivers. I could not keep up with the leading group, as my fastest lap time was 1.5 seconds off, but we were much closer than in the Qualifying. So the group in front of me pulled a little away, but the drivers behind me were not able to attack me and after 10 laps I crossed the finish line in the ninth position, just behind my teammate. 

For the second race I wanted to improve my start, which ended up in having a really bad start. The car moved before the lights switched off, so I had to abort just before lights finally went out. I lost a couple of positions until the first corner. During the first lap I was able to regain some positions, but I also had to go through the gravel to avoid an accident in front of me. In the following laps it did not get better and I had to avoid spinning or crashing cars in front of me for three more times! My tires were really dirty and I lost the access to the group in front of me. When I tried to catch up again, I was inpatient and without having the grip again I pushed hard and went off the track myself. I could not believe what I was doing, in this race I really did not show a good performance. That had not happened since a long time, but maybe I just wanted too much. After I recovered and calmed myself, my lap times got better lap by lap. But of course it was way too late, so I finished only 18th this time. After the first race I expected more and I was not content with my performance. 

In the third race on Sunday, I started from 8th position (they disqualified another driver in race 1). We also mounted the second new set of tires, so the circumstances were promising. Not so the start, though. Again the car started to move too early, and this time I even hold it with the brake and did not have the clutch on the friction point yet. I was confused and blew the start again - Although my practice start out of the pits felt good. However, the start was already past and so I concentrated on the race. Except for the lost positions at the start, the race went quite good. I also tried to continue working on my speed during the race, which was a difficult exercise. But my engineer and I agreed so before the race, as I was there also to learn. After about the middle of the race distance two more drivers passed me, but this time they were just faster. They also passed the group in front of me, which did not seem to pull away that much. In the last few laps I had to protect my position, could keep it and finished 14th. I was not quite content with the result, because I could not use the advantage of the good starting position with my weak start. 

For the fourth race I had to start from behind again. Starting from the 18th position (result second race), the race did not last long for me this time. Unfortunately it was finish after five laps, due to an accident. Even though the beginning of the race did not develop in my favor, the car felt really good this time and I felt that I was faster than the other guys around me. I already had to lift a few times, not to crash into the drivers fighting in front of me and some drivers really did not care when I wanted to pass them, and just pulled into the corner as usual. That was also the reason for the crash in lap five. While fighting with another driver, one made a mistake and had a slow corner exit. I took advantage of that and prepared to pass him in the next corner. Already beside him, he did not seem to agree with that and he just roped in, so that a collision was unavoidable. I informed the team via radio and went into the pits to have the car checked. Unfortunately the suspension was bent and I had to give up. Bummer! That was not the way I wished to finish my Malaysia experience. 

I think that, even though the results were not as good as I hoped, it was worth it to participate in these races. I learned a lot because so many things were different to what I am used to. It was nice to drive in a more competitive championship with more than 20 participants. I hope I can do another race like that throughout the year, with all the things I learned I am sure I would do a lot better in the next one! However, at the moment it does not look like we have the budget to participate in another race of the BMW Pacific Series, so for now I concentrate on the Formula Lista Series and we will see how things develop in the next months. 

That is also where I am going to now, to the next race of the Lista Series in the Czech Republic. Now I just have to find some time to get rid of the Jet Lag before the race starts.


Formula BMW Lista Championship, Race 3 and 4, Nürburgring (GER)

April 30 - Mai 5 2010

I did not feel as ready as I felt in Hockenheim when I arrived at the famous racetrack of Nürburg. The reason was that I had never been driving on this track before, while my main concurrents already absolved one or two races there. Also the weather forecast predicted difficult conditions for the weekend. The biggest doubt however, was that the organisation mixed three different Formula Series togehter: The 13 Formula BMW drivers, 8 Formula Renault – and 10 Formula Gloria pilots. That smelled like chaos. 

In the two short practice sessions on Thursday I had the possibility to learn the track, and I really liked it from the first moment on. It is a harmonic track with a lot of fast but also with technical corners. In the other two practice sessions on Friday I tried to get as close as possible to the fastest laptimes, while the engineers and mechanics were optimizing the Setup of the car.The more experianced drivers were still faster in the end, as I expected somehow. But I did not feel unconfident with my performance and I focused on the first Qualifying by going through the data again and again. 

The first Qualifying was on early Saturday morning, 25 minutes and in dry condition. I was not expecting a good starting position when I saw the chequered flag, because I did not really have a perfect lap. I had some traffic caused by the other categories that were racing with us and I could not put the things together in the few laps after a pit stop, which was also a bit chaotic. However, the 6th position for the first race was disappointing. Especially because the drivers right behind me in the Championship standings were in the front-rows. But I also kept in mind that there was nothing lost yet… 

The Renaults and Glorias started 20 seconds in advance, so that the starting field seperated a bit, at least for the first part of the race. I had a good start and managed to get to the fourth position, which I kept for the following laps. I tryed to follow the driver in front of me, and after a few laps in his slipstream I could pass him, too. I was not able to get him out of my slipstream though, and the driver in second position was already way off. Nevertheless, I tried to focus on the front and after a few more laps I reconized that I was catching up. There were not many laps left, but I came closer and closer. I must have appeared in his mirrors when there were three laps to go, showing that I was a lot faster. For three laps he just blocked me, and, two laps before the finish the Formula Renaults were mixing up everything by overlapping us. Although it was getting more risky, I tried to pass again several times, but there was just not enough space for a clean manoeuvre. So I finished in third position, which made me feel confident, even though I would have wanted that second place. 

When I woke up at 6:00 am on Sunday, I found that the weather had changed to heavy rain. I knew this would become a difficult race, but I tried to prepare myself for a rainy second Qualifying. I got some advide from my experienced teammate and from the engineers, but theorie always sounds easy. In reality it was a lot more slippery and it was difficult to find out where the limit was in 4 laps, without going off of course, then pit and then do some good laps. Afterwards I think it would have been better to drive trough the whole Qualifying, without pitting, because I lost three valuable laps. I had a really good first sector in the first sector in the last lap, but I messed it up in the second sector where I wanted a bit too much, expecting the conditions to be better as it was drying up. I ended up with a similar result like on Saturday, position 5 did not make me confident eighter, as I was on second place before the pit. My teammate, who will race in the Formula BMW Europe for the rest of the season, was again on Pole-Position. 

Between the Qualifyings and the races was always a lot of time. On Sunday it seemed to dry up sometimes, but then was always raining again. In the end nobody knew how it would change through the race, but the second race was definded as a Wet-Race then. 

Having a phantastic start on the wet track, I ended up being beside the Pole-man until the first corner. He somehow had the better line then and managed to keep the lead, at least until the first and the second chicanes, where he went straight and therefore back to the third position.It was difficult to estimate the track conditions, as it was starting to dry up. I could hold the lead for a few laps, but then the driver behind me (the one that finished second on Saturday) decided to risk more and passed me. I tried to follow and learn from his driving line, but my teammate was catching up again and passed me and the guy in front of me. But this time we all stayed close togehter and I saw that nobody was behind me, so I started to cool the tyres on the wet places on the straights and prepare for an attack towards the end of the race. My strategie worked and I used the last four laps to attack the driver in front of me. He was again able to block me for three laps, but then I could trick him in corner one in the last lap, and keep the second place. My teammate was some meters off and equally fast, therefore I could not attack him anymore, but I settled for the second place and was happy with that.

After a renewed Champagne-Shower I found that I am still leading the Championship. Two points before Lamotte and Teammate Von Grünigen.The next race will be in Most (Czech Republic) on Mai 21-23. The more experienced drivers should not have a big advantage, because there was no race on this track last year. But of course this does not mean it is going to be easy. So I am looking forwart to the race with excitement. 

There are some other reports (in German) on the following websites: www.formellistajunior.com and www.daltecracing.com 



Formula BMW Lista Championship, Race 1 and 2, Hockenheim (Ger) 

April 16-18 2010

Together with the famous race event „Hockenheim Historic – in Memory of Jim Clark“, the season of the BMW Lista Championship pulled off with the first two races in Hockenheim. Due to the tight program of the event, the two Qualifyings were already on Friday. On Thursday was a free practice and two sessions where 50 (!) different Formula Cars were out on the track, so there was not that much tracktime before the race. I felt well prepared though from the former Testdays.

I was not completely happy with P3 in the first Qualyfing. It was still a good position for the race, but I could not use the potential of the new tyres as much as I hoped, which upset me a little, also because I did the fastest lap in the training session the day before. The second Qualifying was at 17.30 pm, where the track was a lot more slippery due to the rubber and oil spread by the historic cars. However, it seemed that I adapted best and I landed on Pole-Position. It was my first Pole and I was really happy about it!

Without a Warm-Up session, the first Race started on Saturday afternoon. The starting procedure made me a bit nervous, because I was not used to it that much and I recognized I was the only Rookie starting in the front. Being nervous, I did not pay enough attention on the Warm-Up lap, where the driver in front of me just braked really hard after we went out of the pit, and crack, my front wing was damaged! What a shame. I was lucky I did not have to start from the pits, and so I tried to forget about what happened and concentrated on the start. The start was not bad then and I could pass the driver in front of me in the second corner, so that I came back in second position after the first lap. Trying to forget the spoiler thing, I recognized that I had front tyre lock-up in the braking zone, due to the broken frontwing. I changed the brake bias to the rear, in order not to destroy the front tyres for the second race. While fighting hard to hold my position, I saw “P1” on my pitboard after a few laps of the race, and I noticed that the leading driver was missing. He made a mistake and crashed his car in the first corner, so it happened that I was leading the field with a damaged car. 

However, I could not pull away as I lost time on the braking zones, and the brake balance change did not make things easier. I somehow managed to keep the lead until the second last lap, but the guys behind me were clearly faster. When I tried to brake a little later in order not to make it easy for them to pass me, I came off the line immediately. I lost the lead and I was really upset giving my potential first win away by making a mistake. Even that I still finished on second position, I could not show that much confidence. I was so close to winning!

The second race was on Sunday morning. I was a bit nervous again, because this time I would start from Pole Position. But I knew I could win the race if I just concentrate. This time there were no problems during the Warm-Up Lap and I had really good start. Even if the other drivers were close in the first few laps, I managed to keep the lead and I could pull away little by little. Driving my rhythm, I ended up having a comfortable lead at the end of the race. I felt this would become my first win and I could bring it home without risking too much in the last two laps. That was an awesome feeling when I crossed the start/finish line! Not just because I won, but also because I had a perfect race and I made up for what I did not achieve the day before.

Altogether it was a great weekend, even that I was not completely happy after the first day. A second and a first position in front of many visitors (aprox. 50.000), a Pole Position and the lead in the championship mark a good start into the season. I could celebrate that with Champaign on the podium and of course I was really happy about all. I know though, that the important thing is to stay concentrated. The next race is already in two weeks, at the Grand-Prix Circuit of Nürburg, Germany. I don’t know the track yet, so the three 30 minutes practice sessions will be very important.

More (German) reports on http://www.speedweek.de/index.php?a=print&n=11475http://www.daltecracing.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=40:erfolgreicher-saison-start-daltec-racing&catid=2:2010



Preparation for the season 2010

After I came back from the Jim Russell Shootout in the United States (video-documentation and report will follow), I had my wisdom teeth removed right after my arrival in the beginning of January. I decided to have all four of them pulled at the same time, so that I could go on with workout as early as possible. Nevertheless, I was not allowed to do contact-sports for 6 weeks and I had to avoid vibrancy and a high pulse for two weeks. After this ordeal I went on with my daily training, regarding the coming season some more intensive. Running, weightlifting, combat sports, power-yoga, squash, soccer, snowboarding and indoor-karting (with 250 ccm 4-stroke engines) keep me in shape, while I always try to improve my capacity. This season will be challenging but it will also be a big chance, so I got to take it! 

There is not much time until the season starts, so I will be traveling a lot in the rest of the month for the preparative tests in car!



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